Car washing in Dubai – How to give your glass and windshield a good care

We all do agree, windshields in Dubai take quite a beating with the infamous  sand, dirt, bugs, dust, and all that sunshine bumping into the car on Sheikh Zayed Rd and the likes. Therefore, giving the windshield and all the glass surfaces on your car a proper cleaning session can require a certain effort and a few steps but at the end of the day pays off big time in having a clear and safe view of the road.

In any case, the glass and windshield surfaces should be taken care of in the same fashion as the rest of the car, by following some major guidelines and avoiding some steps that can turn window streaks into a futile endeavour.

Firstly, check what are the things that need to be cleaned on the glass surface, since dirt and sand require different approach than regular smearing of the windshield. Always clean the windows last when cleaning your car because you could end up getting wax on the windows and get to room one. Inspect the surface and find the proper cleaner with the right ingredients that may tackle the right cause of your problem. Avoid using chemicals that contain ammonia, alcohol, or other toxic ingredients. Using them is bad for the leather interior, plastic coverings, vinyl and rubber surfaces and it can also destroy tint on your windows.

Do not start the process if your towel compartment is not well equipped and diversified. You need enough towels of various materials and intended for various surfaces. Imagine yourself like a surgeon without the proper tools. I would suggest using micro-fibre towels which are really suitable since they hold water much more then their weight and they help lift the dust and other debris from the glass. Not leaving lint is just extra. Use different towels for different windows because shifting the dirt, bugs from one surface to the other one is more than counterproductive.

Fascinatingly enough, car wash experts near you recommend cleaning the windshield and the glass surfaces in the shade and when it is cooler outside. It is a tough one when taking Dubai’s climate into consideration, but it definitely helps with helping you to remove the cleaner before it evaporates. This is the easiest cure to beat and deal with streaks on your auto glass.

One famous car brand has emotion in motion as a motto, but professional car wash experts in Dubai really prefer to wipe the windows with a horizontal motion on the outside and a vertical motion on the interior windows for easier streak spotting and better driver experience afterwards.

Finally, all this cleaning would be in vain if you do not focus your attention on the wipers as well. Large part of providing a clean windshield is having good quality but also clean wipers that properly do their job. It is important for the wipers to make solid contact with the windshield and if they still seem to leave streaks after a good and thorough cleaning session, it might be time for a new set.