What to do When Your Car Gets Damaged at a Carwash

You go to a carwash, leave the car, expecting to find it shiny and clean, and the last thing you want to see when returning is that your car has been damaged. It’s not impossible, as there are many triggers that can cause a damage. In this article you fill find useful tips on how to avoid car damage in a car wash service in Dubai, and what to do in case that happens.

Factors That Can Cause a Car Damage at a Carwash

  1. Strong Chemicals and Hard Brushes

If you decide to leave your car in an older car wash service, there is likely a chance that your car will have a treatment with chemical based car shampoos. These shampoos often end up damaging the protective coating. Hard brushes are likely to leave scratches on your car. Avoid these kind of car wash services.

  1. Water That Hasn’t Been Properly Recycled – Before leaving your car at a carwash, make sure it’s a service provider that uses properly recycled water.
  2. High Water Pressure – If there are any previous scratches on your car, these high pressure water jets can make the water get into them and damage your car additionally.

What kind of damage can occur when you take your vehicle to a carwash?

  • Broken Windshield Wipers – common case in automated car wash services. The wipers can get entangled in the wash cloth and even get ripped off. To prevent this from happening, take off the wipers before taking your car to a car wash service.
  • Side Mirror Broken – Before leaving your car at the washing bay, ensure that the mirror is not loose. Fold it towards the body. That way you prevent it from getting entangled in the brushes.
  • Scratches – One of the most frustrating and expensive damages that can happen. This kind of damage can happen to any car wash service and there is not much you can do to prevent it from happening.
  • Damaged Clear Coat and Paint – This damage is more likely to happen if you own an older car. If so, you better choose a manual carwash instead of automatic one.
  • Broken Trims – Make sure you secure the trimming properly before heading to a car wash service. All the trimmings need to be tightened and properly secured.

What to do if a damage occurs?

Inspect the vehicle carefully. Make sure the damage occurred after you left the car at the carwash service in Dubai. After you affirmed the damage, the next step is to file your complaint immediately. Get to see the manager or the owner and ask for a damage claim form. Keep a signed copy for yourself. If they are not willing to give you the needed damage claim form, write it on a piece of paper.

To avoid experiencing any of these stresses, check help4u.today and check out customers’ reviews about the best car wash services in Dubai.



Cleaning The Interior of Your Car

Ever entered a car that looked great and clean on the outside, but the moment you open the door it looks like it has been in a hurricane? Dirty cars can be serious health hazards especially if someone who suffers from dust and mould allergies.

One doesn’t have to clean the car from inside everytime the outside is cleaned, but an occasional cleaning and vacuuming is a must to preserve the interiors and keep the car looking nice and smelling nice. Cleaning the interiors also preserves the upholstery and carpeting of the car as well as giving a lease of life to the vinyl and rubber parts.

So here is a list of things you need to clean the interior of a car:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Duster
  • Brush
  • Towels
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Leather and Upholstery Cleaner
  • Protectant
  • Air Freshener of your choice

Begin by taking out all the accumulated trash in the car. Make sure you don’t miss all those nooks and crannies and door pockets.

Then remove all the mats and other accessories in the car and keep them aside. If you have rubber mats, this is the time to wash them and leave them out to dry while you get on with the rest of the job.

Use the brush to remove as much of the dust and debirs as possible. Pay special attention to the ventilation grills. Use the duster to dust down all the surfaces.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire car front to back including the roof and the carpet as well as the seats. If your vacuum has a blower function, use that to first blow out as much dust from the hidden spaces and crevices before vacuuming the car.

Next take a damp towel and wipe every thing down to ensure that there is no more dust or debris left in the car.

Now starting with the dashboard area first, use a glass or household cleaner to clean the surface and attack any spots and spills. Don’t use the same cloth all over – keep a supply so you use one for each section so you are not transferring the grime from one place to another.

Start from the cleanest part of the car and make your way to the dirtiest. Once you have cleaned the entire surface with the cleaner, you can move on to the upholstery and the seat covers. Depending upon the material used, clean and wipe down the seats and the roof of the car. If you notice any stains, use appropriate stain removers to remove the stains.

Next clean all the glass including the windscreens, the back view mirror and the windows. Now it is time to use the protectant to lubricate and protect the plastic and rubber parts in the interior. Follow the manufacturers instructions and use them as directed.

Your car should now be clean and smelling nice. You can spritz a little air freshener to make it smell nice.

Note: make liberal use of brush to get to those areas that are hard to reach. Remember spray the protectant on your cloth to apply and not on the parts directly.