Car wash in Dubai – Basic options, tips and tricks

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All those car lovers out there will agree that you got to keep it shining in order to make yourself priding. We all agree that our cars have a special place in our hearts and as with everything we hold dear we have to take good care of it and even spoil it from time to time. Giving a proper wash to your car is the primary thing to do. You can spray it, you can flash it, you tune it and you can snap it but a dirty car is a dirty car and there’s no way around it.

Basically, there several main options on how the car can be cleaned and some of them are more enjoyable than the others but they do take more time. Firstly, if you are a car fanatic, you would probably want to take your baby on four wheels to the best car wash service near you in Dubai where it will be properly pampered by professional car washing experts who are using top-quality substances and equipment and dedicate enough time and attention to details. If this is too costly you can take it to automatic car wash service which is computer navigated and only cleans the exterior of the car. The other two are either having a cleaner coming to clean the car or give you the pleasure of spending couple of hours going into details and making it shine like a diamond.

In any case, washing a car thoroughly takes around four major steps to complete a clean exterior:

  • Wheels are always a good place to start, because the cleaning products for wheels work best on dry surfaces. Additionally, use the power of the water jet spray and use a soft brush to clean cracks and crevices on the wheels,
  • Use the recommended ratio of water and soap. Using hot water will affect the cars wax so be sure to use cool water. Avoid using more soap than instructed, because more soap affects more wax. If possible use less soap to help save your car.
  • Use two cleaning strategies since there’s the sides and panels have way more dirt the rest of the car. Work from top to bottom of the car and switch to a separate towel when getting to dirtier areas. Thoroughly wet down the section of the car and wipe gently cleaning the roof, trunk and hood of the car. Rinsing as you go and wrap up with washing is very important. If left to dry, the dirty soap can dry on the surface of the car, and you are back at point one.
  • Dry the various surfaces of the car in the same order that you washed them. Use soft towels and gently go over the surfaces.

There are many different ways to wash a car, and there is no correct way of doing it but generally there are some main options and steps in order to be sure that you got the job done right and you did not spend too much time doing itr